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t was developed in 1944 as an improvement to the SU-85, built on the same chassis as the T-34-85 tank. It was designed and built at the UZTM in Yekaterinburg. The SU-100 quickly proved itself to be among the best self-propelled anti-tank guns of World War II, able to penetrate 125 mm of vertical armor from a range of 2,000 m  and the sloped 85 mm front armor of the German Panther from 1,500 m . After intensive testing with different models of 100 mm gun Soviet engineers approved the D-10S gun for mass production. The hull of SU-100 had major improvements over the SU-85; the thickness of the front armour was increased from 45 to 75 mm , and the commander's workplace was made in a small sponson on the right side of the hull; combined with the commander's cupola this greatly improved the commander's effectiveness. For better ventilation two ventilator units were installed, instead of only one as in the SU-85. Mass production began in September 1944.

Item No    00915

Item Name    Soviet SU-100 Tank Destroyer

Bar Code    9580208009155

Scale    1:16

Item Type    Static Kit

Model Brief    Length: 583.2mm   Width:188 mm

Total Parts    1100+

Metal Parts    copper cable, spring

Photo Etched Parts    2 pcs

Film Parts    n/a

Resin Parts    n/a

Total Sprues    32 sprues , lower hull , upper hull and tracks

Released Date    2013-10

More Features "The kit consists of over 1100 parts

>the kit w/refined detail

>multi-slide moulded lower hull

>Full interior details

>individual tracks links

>Photo-eteched parts included"


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